Helping to protect our planet – an environmental impact overview of geko™ device

Helping to protect our planet – an environmental impact overview of geko™ device

As a science-led medical devices company, we prioritise improving health outcomes in patients – with minimal environmental impact – ensuring a liveable and better future for  generations to come. Our strategy challenges us to find new ways to design products that can be recycled or re-used, reshape our business to minimise consumption and waste, and to work with suppliers and customers who share these goals.

Introducing: WeCare

To achieve our sustainability goals, we have established WeCare, our sustainability program aimed to deliver:

  • Sustainable healthcare
  • Responsible product design
  • Sustainable material choices
  • Lifecycle management of the geko device


Through responsible product design, healthcare systems can be assured that by choosing the geko device, they are reducing the environmental impact of the care they provide.

Principles that drive change

At the heart of the program is a shared belief that introducing change to clinical practice and new models of care is the greatest opportunity we have to achieve sustainable healthcare. To this end, our WeCare sustainability program is focused to two key principles:

  • Streamlining of care to lower environmental impact: the geko device enables faster recovery and reduced length of hospital stay.
  • Reducing CareMiles: the geko device reduces CareMiles in patients and community nurse travel – lowering carbon emissions by empowering patients to self-manage their care in the home setting.


An example of reducing CareMiles is geko device use in the treatment of venous leg ulcers,  which use a large volume of products and incur considerable travel. The geko device is clinically proven to reduce use of these products, reducing clinical waste by 33% and the total number of nurse home visits by 31%.

To find out more about the geko device environmental impact click here.

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