National Thrombosis Week: the geko™ device and VTE prevention

National Thrombosis Week: the geko™ device and VTE prevention

This May, non-profit organisation Thrombosis UK held its annual virtual conference: National Thrombosis Week (NTW22). The 10-day event raises awareness of blood clots and educates healthcare professionals (HCPs) on the latest news and developments in thrombosis prevention, diagnosis and management.

Dr Indira Natarajan, Consultant Stroke Physician at the NHS Royal Stoke University Hospital presented at NTW22 on the geko™ device’s role in the prevention of VTE.

The geko™ device in practical use

Presenting to an audience of HCPs, Dr Indira Natarajan outlined his 2018 observational audit of clinical practice that evaluated geko™ device efficacy in the prevention of VTE in acute stroke patients. The audit, held at the Royal Stoke University Hospital, was carried out between 1st November 2016 and 3rd March 2018 and found the geko™ device significantly reduced the rates of VTE compared to intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) – the current standard of care.

Dr Natarajan concluded the session with a Q&A on the practical use of the geko™ device. When asked whether the device can be worn during physio/mobilisation or while patients sleep, Dr Natarajan responded: “This is the core benefit of the geko™ device, because, unlike IPC, the patients can continue with physio or therapy. The geko™ device can be switched off or remain switched on during this time – there is no barrier at all.”

Watch the presentation here: National Thrombosis Week – Virtual Conference – 3rd – 9th May 2022 – Presented by Thrombosis UK #NTW22

A platform technology

As part of a webinar showcasing the geko™ device and its use in the NHS, G&N – our UK distributor partner – invited NHS clinicians, who have adopted the geko™ device, to present their real-world data to an audience of acute stroke and obstetrics HCPs.

Dr Indira Natarajan, again presented his change to clinical practice using the geko™ device, followed by Dr Emma Stansfield, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, outlining her experience in implementing use of the geko™ device for maternity related VTE prevention – the direct influence of real-world data generated by Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, presented by Chris Walker.

Watch the webinar on demand here: NHS speakers – geko™ device adoption for post-stroke & maternity-related VTE prevention

Innovating in the NHS

The geko™ device is now in routine use across a growing number of NHS hospitals for VTE prevention in both acute-stroke and obstetrics. The wearable device is helping prevent life-threatening blood clots, contributing to better patient outcomes and saving costs for the NHS. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) estimates a cost saving of £337 per patient when the geko™ device is prescribed for six days, compared to no VTE prophylaxis.


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