Sky Medical Technology announces availability of the geko™ device on government of India e-marketplace portal (GeM)

Sky Medical Technology announces availability of the geko™ device on government of India e-marketplace portal (GeM)

Last week, we announced the geko™ device’s availability on the Government of India e-Marketplace (GeM) procurement portal. This will allow government hospitals across India to access the geko™ device to prevent life-threatening blood clots (venous thromboembolism – VTE), address complications related to swelling (oedema) following orthopaedic surgery, and the healing of chronic wounds (leg ulcers).

This news marks a significant milestone in our journey towards achieving widespread adoption of the geko™ device across international healthcare systems. GeM coding for the geko™ device will benefit thousands of patients across India, creating ease in device purchase and with no variation in unit cost for government hospitals.

Addressing clinical needs

The incidence of VTE in India is comparable to that of Western countries, with hospitalised patients at particularly high risk due to a lack of mobility. VTE is clinically silent yet one of the most frequent causes of unplanned hospital readmission and preventable death and disability.[1]

Oedema is also a silent burden with few tools to address the complication, often delaying surgical fixation, impeding wound closure, decreasing muscle strength and stalling rehabilitation.[2],[3]

Arguably the greatest burdens, though, are chronic wounds. Their widespread prevalence, particularly among the elderly, and the time and frequency of care required during treatment, makes them one of the biggest challenges facing modern healthcare. Correctly assessing the magnitude of leg ulcers is also difficult in a country of more than 1.2 billion people. One study estimated the prevalence to be 4.5 per 1,000 in the population[4] indicating it is a large clinical area for innovation.

Improving accessibility

The GeM portal is an online market platform to facilitate procurement of goods and services by various ministries and agencies of the government. It aims to provide clarity, enhance efficiency, and improve the speed of the public procurement of goods and services, helping to make healthcare more accessible for everyone.

Commenting on the news, Bernard Ross said: “Government hospitals across India can now enjoy streamlined geko™ device procurement through GeM, to address significant medical challenges.

“GeM listing marks the beginning of a journey for Sky. The online platform provides transparency, efficiency and speed. It is heartening to know that thousands of patients who visit government hospitals can now benefit from better clinical outcomes and enhanced recovery through the prescribed use of the geko™ device.”


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