Sky Medical Technology attends Arab Health 2022

Sky Medical Technology attends Arab Health 2022

Last month, we attended the Arab Health conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to showcase the geko™ device and our OnPulse™ technology. Hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the conference saw more than 3,500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries around the world exhibit innovations and technologies that are helping build a more effective, fair, and sustainable future for healthcare.

Ensuring global adoption

Exhibitors were joined by more than 60,000 healthcare professionals keen to explore the innovations both face-to-face and virtually. This gave us the ideal platform to showcase the geko™ device to the medical professionals who ultimately administer the device to patients in the hospital and home care setting. It was also the perfect networking opportunity to meet with existing and new potential distributor partners to build on the momentum of widespread adoption.

Adoption is already established across the Middle East, including Jordan, where the geko™ device is in routine use to treat and prevent acute post-operative and trauma-related oedema for enhanced patient recovery after surgery. In the Al Hikma Hospital, Jordan, for instance, it is providing safe and well-tolerated oedema control, ensuring that patients can receive appropriate oedema management for better clinical outcomes as well as improved patient satisfaction.

The Arab Health conference provides an excellent launch pad for business in the Middle East at the start of the year. As we continue to grow in the region, meeting new potential partners and maintaining strong relationships with existing partners is crucial for achieving widespread adoption around the world.

Innovation into 2022 and beyond

Now more than ever, healthcare systems are requiring innovative solutions to current standards of care that can speed up recovery times and allow patients to better self-manage their conditions independently at home. Global healthcare conferences like Arab Health play a crucial role in building a healthier future for the world by bringing together leading medical device manufacturers, clinicians, investors, and healthcare professionals. Exhibitors use occasions such as these to demonstrate the benefits of implementing MedTech in healthcare: making healthcare more accessible, cost-effective, and sustainable, all while saving lives

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