Sky Medical Technology named Most Innovative Neuromuscular Therapy Technology 2021: OnPulse™

Sky Medical Technology named Most Innovative Neuromuscular Therapy Technology 2021: OnPulse™

This year marks the sixth annual International Life Sciences Awards. Hosted by Global Health & Pharma, the awards celebrate the talented companies within the ever-evolving Life Sciences industry that are developing innovation in medical technology, vaccinations, infection control, medicine, and more.

As the world transitions to recover from the pandemic, the award organisers wanted to recognise the drivers of innovation working to enhance the safety of our everyday lives.

We are proud to be recognised as the Most Innovative Neuromuscular Therapy Technology 2021 for our OnPulse™ technology.

Pandemic-accelerated change has the potential to transform global healthcare systems and as we collectively emerge from the crisis, to face the huge backlog of elective surgeries, the many accelerated changes will place greater emphasis on preventive healthcare solutions.

Speaking to this opportunity and ready to step-up is our wearable, multi-application geko™ device, clinically proven to increase blood flow in the lower leg. The device prevents and treats a range of acute and chronic medical conditions helping to simplify treatments for clinicians, improve patient outcomes and save healthcare systems money.

By partnering with clinicians willing to embrace innovation, the geko™ device – which is now in routine use across the NHS and internationally – is helping to overcome global challenges. This includes the prevention of life-threatening blood clots in immobile hospital patients, the reduction of pre- and post-operative swelling related to orthopaedic surgery and chronic wound healing (leg ulcers) in the home care setting.

Post-pandemic, we stand ready to help transform preventive care to reduce the length of patient hospital stay and to accelerate innovation-enabled recovery at home.

We were also proud to be named as the Most Innovative Med Tech Company 2020 by the International Life Sciences Awards, find out more here.

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