What’s Hot in Clots? A recap of thrombosis Med Ed tools for patients and healthcare professionals

What’s Hot in Clots? A recap of thrombosis Med Ed tools for patients and healthcare professionals

Non-profit organisations like North American Thrombosis Forum (NATF) and Thrombosis UK are dedicated to educating and raising awareness around blood clots and related diseases, like stroke, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). Through their comprehensive medical education (MedEd) resources, such organisations strive to inform patients and healthcare providers on these conditions and their complications, and ultimately help drive change in cardiovascular care.

Fighting Blood Clots through Education

NATF offers an array of online educational tools, including a collection of medical articles written by healthcare professionals and patients to provide insights on thrombosis care and risk management to readers of all levels of understanding. Another is its monthly What’s Hot in Clots round-up recapping of the latest news and developments in thrombosis prevention and care. Recent topics have included machine learning to predict bleeding, novel anticoagulants, and predicting post-thrombotic syndrome.

Thrombosis UK offers similar tools to enhance knowledge and awareness of blood clot related conditions, including two annual virtual conferences National Thrombosis Week in May and Let’s Talk Clots in October. Following two successful events last year, we are continuing our involvement with both virtual conferences in 2023, where Dr Indira Natarajan is presenting a session on the geko™ device as alternative thromboprophylaxis for acute stroke patients. Dr Natarajan will draw on his experience adopting the geko™ device into his stroke ward at the Royal Stoke University Hospital and how this helped his clinical team achieve 100 percent VTE (venous thromboembolism) prophylaxis.

The Importance of MedEd

Healthcare professionals play a key role in ensuring care is being delivered in the best, most accessible way possible. This is helped by platforms like NATF in the US and Thrombosis UK which are helping healthcare professionals and patients stay informed with the latest advancements in VTE treatments and new studies around ground breaking innovations enhancing standard of care. Such organisations make this valuable information more accessible and digestible through their wide array of MedEd tools, helping contribute to improved patient outcomes. We share the vision in enhancing thrombosis MedEd to drive awareness, advocacy, and prevention.

Visit Thrombosis UK and NAFT.

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